How it works

Step 1. Take a picture of you ( or your family members )
If you don't have any, take some pictures of you or the person you wish us to draw, please ensure the picture is in high quality so we can see the person clearly.
Step 2. Go online and order your portrait
You can pick a portrait template which we only draw your head or you can choose bespoke portrait which we can fully redesign the portrait and background for you.
Step 3. Reviewing your pictures
After you submit your order and complete the payment, your order will be forward to our drawing team and one of the artist will start reviewing your pictures, if your pictures are not in standard quality and cannot be used, we will email you within 24 hours and ask you to supply new pictures.
Step 4. Drawing
After your pictures are meet the standard, we will start drawing and adding colours, we will email you the draft when it is ready.
Step 5. Approving
We will email you the draft when it is ready, and basically you can check see if all required features are included, if we missed any feature, you need to let us know so we can include it. Also at this stage, we only be able to add missing features, if you wish to add new object in the portrait, we will charge you a small amount of fee for the extra work.
Step 6. Print & Email
If you choose add-on products within your order, we will print it out and get it ready for you, we will pack it properly and we will email you the high quality version via email. If you only order the digital copy, you will receive a high quality version via email.
Step 7. Enjoy
Getting your portrait in the mail (if you choose add-on products within your order), enjoy it and be sure to show it to all your friends and family!