About us

We are based in London and started in 2010 and now we have over 20+ cartoonists work for us from U.K, U.S, China, Japan, Canada.

Our cartoonists are highly trained and have over 5+ years experiences in this industry. We offer unique and fully customized caricature, and our work is more close to illustration art which offer more colours and details.

high quality caricature

We are specialised in caricatures and able to draw based on a picture or from your ideas. With fully personalised caricatures, we are able to customise the dress, background and pose, if you choose template based caricatures, we will only be able to draw the head and we are still able to adjust the skin tone for you if the template skin tone does not match you. 

The caricatures we offer are different from what you see in the market, our caricatures are in high quality with more details, more colours and we spend 3x longer than other cartoonists to ensure the quality reaches the highest.

our caricature in illustration art quality